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ហ្អែងស្វិតមេស សុទ្ធតែឆ្អឹង ដែលស៊ីបាយអត់ហ្នឹង? រាងដូចទង់ព្រលឹង ខ្យល់បក់តែតិចប៉ើងស្ទុយ។ ម៉ែឪវាសុទ្ធតែមានសាច់ កូនវិញសុទ្ធតែឆ្អឹង ម៉ាក់ប៉ាហ្អែងដែលប៉ូវហ្អែងអត់ហ្អា?

ងាប់ហើយ រាងអញ្ចឹងដឹងតែខ្វះវីតាមីនហើយ អាសារឈឺចូលពេទ្យអត់? មនុស្សស្រីធាត់តិចបានមានគេស្រលាញ់ ស្វិតអញ្ចឹងម៉េចមានជាតិ

Me: ហើយខ្ញុំអោយយើងស្រលាញ់ខ្ញុំមែន ? ហើយអ្នកថាខ្ញុំឈឺហ្នឹង ដែលឃើញខ្ញុំងាប់ម្ដងនៅ?

I am saying this to prove that the weight or body doesn’t represent people’s strongness, healthiness or capacity. Some people with the standard weight probably can’t even be healthy * a skinny girl * me. Strongness isn’t only about body but the commitment themselves too.

I swear I am skinny, but maybe I often can do thing independently without anyone’s help. I am happy with what I have even though it is not completely good enough but to remind myself that My weight is not strong, but my mind and commitment is stronger.

Body shaming isn’t what u should do. Never ever judge people by their weight.

from: https://tnaot.com/km/m/detail/article/9350350